Catch-all redirect – ColdFusion

During a recent SharePoint implementation, there is an existing ColdFusion website, that needs “continuity” – such that when the new site goes live, it will re-direct to the new site.

From some investigation and analysis of the existing site, it was found there was only 6-7 pages, with a “query string” that allowed for the 3000+ pages. 

The application is a custom developed content management system using ColdFusion and SQL Server – being replaced with SharePoint 2007 Publishing sites (ie. it’s all out-of-the-box !)

The steps involved to achieve this included :

  • Create a dummy file named the same (eg. info.cfm) – and place in the root folder for the SharePoint website :


  • Within the file, just include some HTML to re-direct to the home page

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=/”>


Re-directing to <a href=”url”>Home Page</a>


  • Just need to create a file for each of the specific ColdFusion files needed


Configure MIME Types (IIS)

Next, need to configure IIS to consider a CFM file as a HTM (standard HTML file)

    • Right-click on the WebSite node (in IIS) – and select Properties
    • Switch to the tab entitled “HTTP Headers
    • Click the button for “MIME Types…


    • Click New
    • Add the following values :
      • Extension – .CFM
      • MIME type – text/html


    • Click OK and save the details
    • Click Apply within the IIS Properties


Easy, eh ?   Really just an IIS setting needed – to specify how to “process” a CFM file – as the new server won’t have ColdFusion installed.

When switching on the new server, and traffic commences to SharePoint, anyone who has bookmarked a file from the old ColdFusion site will simply be re-directed to the home page.

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