Software+Services Blueprints

There has been a fair amount of hype & discussion around “Software As A Service (SAAS)” – and using “the cloud” as an application delivery mechanism.  One of the best sessions I attended at last year’s Tech.Ed covered this topic, and the future of “application architecture” in the new Web 2.0 era (here).

The Microsoft terminology has been “Software+Services” – but this has still been a bit of “theory” without much substance.

Later last year, there was some sample code & guidance packages released, termed “Software+Services Blueprints” :

… a series of source code and guidance packages designed to provide an architectural bridge between vision and implementation by making it easier to build S+S applications.

As a starting point for building real solutions by architects and developers, each Software+Services Blueprint includes code and/or utilities, guidance, structured step-by-step workflow and tools delivered within Visual Studio. 

Each S+S Blueprint is focused on media/community, eCommerce, Office Business Applications (OBA), mobility or other future S+S application areas. 

They range in complexity from rapid development packages to complete end-to-end scenarios. 

Video – Channel 9

More recently, there has been the release of the new “Software-plus-Services Blueprints Manager for Visual Studio 2008” – available from CodePlex.

And there is a blog/wiki at Channel9 detailing any news, or recent happenings.

Lastly (and more importantly ?) is the new Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

There are a few sample application & videos available from the ssblueprints site.

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint

There are SIX samples initially available, each with video, doco, setup and source (for Silverlight 1.1 and 2.0)

  • Hello Silverlight Web Parts and the SilverlightPart
  • Silverlight Navigation Controls
  • Silverlight Social Networking WebPart
  • Visual How-To Center with Silverlight
  • Picture Viewer Sample
  • SIlverlight Custom Field Types

Will blog more when I’ve delved into each of these cool samples – and the Blueprints Manager for Visual Studio 2008.

Will be great to see how much Silverlight floods into the core product for SharePoint 14 (probably due next year – SharePoint 2009 ?)

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