Fix SharePoint workflows after deactivate

Within the SharePoint environment, there are a bunch of “features” that are installed out-of-the-box.  

In addition, developers can code WebParts, Workflows and artifacts such as Master Pages and Page Layouts that can all be activated in the same way.

> Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings

image image

Depending on the site template used (eg. Publishing), there are different WebParts and Workflows that are “required”, and should not (recommended not) be de-activated.

Case-in-point – Routing Workflows :


These are used within Publishing Pages – such as “submit for approval” – and the corresponding approval chain in order to publish the page, image, document, etc.

When a sub-site is created in the Publishing site structure, the default “Parallel Approval” workflow is automatically associated with the particular document library, pages gallery, etc.

> View All Site Content > Pages > Settings > Document Library Settings > Workflow Settings


The quickest and easiest way to BREAK this – is to simply deactivate the feature within “All Site Settings”.   Trust me on this fact.   😦

There is a warning on this dialog – read it closely…


We were testing out another workflow, and had mistakenly deactivated the underlying approval feature. 

This problem was discovered when trying to approve a page, or force a “Parallel Approval” workflow to start.

Not a very helpful error message though :

The workflow failed to start due to an internal error.


Unlike a WebPart, simply activating the feature again won’t actually FIX the problem – there is a deeper association somehow/somewhere within the SharePoint content database.

Solution ?

A quick way to FIX things is to manually delete the workflow, and re-create it.  This re-adds the workflow back to the library – not fun when you consider you’d have to do it for every library – and every subsite.  

(Our Publishing Site has 100-120 sites, with 3 libraries in each – do the math !)

The only way was to consider a script of some sorts, that “re-associates” the workflow instance in the library, with the workflow template/feature.

This involves the following steps :

  • Find the existing “broken” workflow, and remove it
  • Create a new workflow “association”
  • Assign it to the the document library (eg. Pages)
  • Set it as the default approval workflow
  • Move on to the next list/library – and site

Scroll below for a link to the sample code.

Here’s a run-through of the code…

Find the SharePoint list, such as Pages, Images, Documents :

SPList splList = vspwSite.Lists[“Pages”];

Find the existing broken workflow, named as “Parallel Approval” :

SPWorkflowAssociation wfaParallelApproval = splList.WorkflowAssociations.GetAssociationByName(“Parallel Approval”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);

If the workflow was found, then remove it :

if (wfaParallelApproval != null)

Get a reference to the approval workflow ‘type’ :

SPWorkflowTemplate wftApproval = vspwSite.WorkflowTemplates.GetTemplateByName(“Approval”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture);

Create a workflow association, with the workflow “name”, task list and history list to use :

wfaParallelApproval = SPWorkflowAssociation.CreateListAssociation(wftApproval, “Parallel Approval”, vspwSite.Lists[“Workflow Tasks”], vspwSite.Lists[“Workflow History”]);

The next step is to define the “association data”.  This is a huuuuge XML chunk that defines the details for the workflow, including the options, approvers, and default start values.

This is initially set from within following UI :



Here’s an example of the XML chunk you need to include – I did say it was huuuuge !

<my:myFields xmlns:xsi=”” xmlns:my=”” xml:lang=”en-us”>


<my:Person> <my:DisplayName> Approvers </my:DisplayName> <my:AccountId> Approvers </my:AccountId> <my:AccountType> SpUser </my:AccountType> </my:Person>


<my:CC> </my:CC>

<my:DueDate xsi:nil=”true”> </my:DueDate>

<my:Description> </my:Description>

<my:Title> </my:Title>

<my:DefaultTaskType> 1 </my:DefaultTaskType>

<my:CreateTasksInSerial> false </my:CreateTasksInSerial>

<my:AllowDelegation> true </my:AllowDelegation>

<my:AllowChangeRequests> true </my:AllowChangeRequests>

<my:StopOnAnyReject> true </my:StopOnAnyReject>

<my:WantedTasks xsi:nil=”true”> </my:WantedTasks>

<my:SetMetadataOnSuccess> false </my:SetMetadataOnSuccess>

<my:MetadataSuccessField> </my:MetadataSuccessField>



<my:TimePerTaskVal xsi:nil=”true”></my:TimePerTaskVal>

<my:TimePerTaskType xsi:nil=”true”></my:TimePerTaskType>









The trick here is to determine what the values need to be.

The quickest way I found – and a little nervous to say this – is to jump into the SQL Server database for the SharePoint content database.


  1. Take a note of the URL in the Workflow page as above – eg. http://server/site/_layouts/AddWrkfl.aspx?List={D27C93E4-7D28-4745-B486-DD4C71C7732F}&TemplateID=%7BC360A3C1%2D0312%2D4175%2D924B%2D4CAE52D8837A%7D
  2. Within SQL Server, open the content database (eg. WSS_Content)
  3. The table to look into is “WorkflowAssociation” – but unfortunately, the column for LIST ID is a varbinary, not a GUID – so need “convert”
  4. The field to get is “InstantiationParams”
  5. So – the query to use for MY list is :

SELECT InstantiationParams

FROM WorkflowAssociation


= ‘D27C93E4-7D28-4745-B486-DD4C71C7732F’

Just need to copy this entire XML chunk into the console app

Last up, just need to set the “default” approval workflow :

splList.DefaultApprovalWorkflowId = wfaParallelApproval.Id;


The program code I’ve used does the above steps, for many various document libraries with each Publishing Site – ie. Documents, Images and Pages.


Give it a quick run-through, and should then fix up ALL your workflow woes !

Click here to see the code, let me know if you have any comments/questions.

2 thoughts on “Fix SharePoint workflows after deactivate

  1. Saran October 11, 2010 / 6:05 am

    Hello ,

    We have critical issue w.r.t workflows in 3 site collections(Collaboration sites).
    When we start a workflow for a document library/document , below error is displayed.

    “The Workflow has failed due to an internal error”

    We had deactivated and activated all the related workflow features at site collection level but didn’t succeed. This we have also tried using SharePoint Manager 2007 .

    We don’t have access to code and DB.

    Could you please check and help on this issue ?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Orville February 20, 2013 / 4:53 am

    “Fix SharePoint workflows after deactivate « SharePointRoot” seriously got myself hooked on your web site!

    I actuallywill wind up being back alot more frequently. Many thanks


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