MS SharePoint Developer (new site)

Do Less. Get More. Develop on SharePoint.

That’s the tag line for the new Silverlight-enhanced developer portal for SharePoint (an official Microsoft website)

There are Whitepapers, Virtual Labs, Web casts, Screen casts, Quickstarts & other resources.

You can also download a SharePoint development VPC with all the tools you need to get started already installed.

Looks like a great source of information, with screen-casts, download samples, quick-start code and online Virtual Labs.

Here’s one such topic (as an example) – regrarding WebParts :

Did you know that in SharePoint you can build pages as easy as in ASP.NET – and allow end users to create dashboards?

Web parts allow for creating components of Web user interface that can be reused on multiple web pages.

These are introduced in ASP.NET and built on in SharePoint where they can be added to pages by end users and managed by IT Professionals.

In this topic you will learn about building simple web parts for SharePoint and how to connect them back to SharePoint site data.

This topic then has the following links :

Some great developer training, and information for new-comers. This has been rather lacking for some time, with the MSDN and TechNet resources as the only content from Microsoft until now.

Looks great – will have to get into some WebCasts and Samples.

Click here to see more :

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