VSeWSS 1.2 – it’s out !

One of the best (necessary !) add-on’s for SharePoint developers is the Visual Studio Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSeWSS).

I’m assuming this was announced at Tech.Ed Florida.

This included a number of Visual Studio templates, item templates, and a solution generator (to generate a site definition project from an existing SharePoint site).

Until now, this has been the 1.1 release for Visual Studio 2005 – with the developer community eagerly awaiting the 1.2 release, for Visual Studio 2008.

The SharePoint team have just announced the new VSeWSS 1.2 release :

We are really excited and pleased to announce that Version 1.2 of the Visual Studio extensions for WSS are now available for download!

This version adds Visual Studio 2008 support to the extensions.  This is something many of you have been asking for.

Download VSeWSS 1.2

Today we are releasing the English edition of the Version 1.2 extensions.  We will be releasing the German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, and Korean language versions shortly.

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting VS2008 support so we hope this helps you build fantastic SharePoint solutions on the latest Visual Studio toolset.

Note:  Version 1.2 is only for Visual Studio 2008.  If you use Visual Studio 2005 you should still use Version 1.1 (download)

Here’s a list of what’s updated – for VS-2008 developers :

  • Visual Studio 2008 Project Templates
  • Visual Studio 2008 Item Templates
  • SharePoint Solution Generator

Click here to see the VSeWSS User Guide

Source : Announcing the VSeWSS version 1.2

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