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Today is 08-08-08 – and the Beijing Olympics is starting tonight, with the opening ceremony, and then 2-3 weeks of competition.

There has been lots of hoo-haa about the air pollution in Beijing, and protests against Tibet – that will all be fogotten once the competition begins proper.

To be honest, I’m not so interested in the Olympics – although the WINTER Olympics is another matter – keeps me glued to the TV for some reason.

Anyway – the “Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games” is using SharePoint as their “search platform” over their INFO 2008 database :

This means that thousands of athletes, officials, partners and media will be able to quickly and easily search and find the information they need to successfully present, promote, and report the 29th Summer Olympics on the SharePoint platform.

There is a case study of the BOCOG site – click here to read.

Some interesting stats & figures (from the case study) :

  • 2,500 terminals at Olympic venues
  • BOCOG to distribute 3,500 wireless cards
  • BOCOG will employ more than 5,000 paid staff and 100,000 volunteers to manage and present the 2008 Olympics
  • More than 20,000 users, primarily media personnel, will rely on INFO 2008 to quickly search and find the specific, up-to-the-minute Olympics information they need

Beijing Olympics will consist of :

  • 302 events
  • 37 venues
  • 10,000 athletes
  • 200 countries
  • 28 sports
  • 7 million tickets to the games
  • Venue-construction budget alone is more than USD $2 billion

Wow – it’s a big under-taking !

The motto of the Olympics is the latin phrase “Citius, Altius, Fortius” – meaning “faster, higher, stronger”.

Maybe it needs to add “searchius” and “sharepointius”…!


Screenshot – and other information here.

Source : Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog.

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