Google Chrome + SharePoint

Lots of excitement and buzz on the interwebs this morning, with the release of the new Google Chrome web browser.

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Click here to download.

Flying in the face of all the high-tech demo’s, video’s and animations, Google instead announced Google Chrome – and essentially a “white paper” – using a comic book format.


Click here to see the full comic (30+ pages). 

The comic details how the browser has been written from the ground-up, using a different memory management model (one process per tab – not just a new ‘thread’) – and that it’s Open Source also !   

I’m only just starting to have a look/play with it – but seems very fast, and will be a decent match-up to Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2 just been released).  And also needs to be as good as, if not better, than Firefox 3 (Mozilla).

For those who use SharePoint – how does the new Google Chrome browser stack-up ?    Eli Robillard has a post about SharePoint – with the conclusion that it “works for users” – but less so for administrators.

Today I downloaded and installed the just-released Google Chrome browser, ran it through some preliminary tests with SharePoint 2007 and so far, acceptable but missing a few key things.

Chrome supports NTLM authentication, uploads (though not multiple uploads), renders all the usual menus correctly, and generally does a good job of rendering SharePoint pages. And it’s screaming fast.

Conclusion: not bad for an initial beta, but when you write anything from the ground up in a mature industry you can expect several releases to get the important parts right.

Source : Eli Robillard’s World of Blog.

With that in mind, I’ll have to try out some of the new features in Google Chrome – and see what the “developer tools” are like.

It will be hard to beat “FireBug” in FireFox – and “IE Dev ToolBar” in Internet Explorer.

But – some less than “flattering” ho-hum reactions from people like Paul Thurrott :

What we’ve really got here is an example of Google pulling a Microsoft: Creating an unnecessary me-too product that they can use for product tie-ins. All of the features here are present in exisiting browsers, all of them. So what does Google really bring to the table? Not much, it seems.

Source : It’s real: Google to launch Web browser tomorrow

And this article :

Is there anything original in Google Chrome?

Most of the features look like “me-too”, but then, that’s what some people thought about Gmail….

As with Gmail, Chrome may be a big hit if it’s brilliantly executed, especially given Firefox’s general crashiness and bad memory leaks (which, to be fair, used to be part of IE too). But if it’s more like Google Base, Knol, Orkut, Froogle and similar rubbish, it may not catch on.

Source : Is there anything original in Google Chrome?

Will have to try it out and see – expect to see some “chroming” in the office place today !    (and no – not the “inhaling fumes from spray-paint-cans” way !)

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