Advanced SharePoint Workflow

Found the following “live meeting” that covers Visual Studio and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) for SharePoint workflows :

…90 minute demonstration (very few PowerPoint slides) on building Document Workflows for SharePoint (MOSS 2007) with Visual Studio. 

Advanced SharePoint Document Workflow with Visual Studio 2008

What you will learn:

• New features for SharePoint Workflow Developers in Visual Studio 2008

• New SharePoint API’s for SharePoint workflow

• How to debug SharePoint Workflow’s using the Visual Workflow Designer

• The new single-click deployment of workflows using Visual Studio 2008

• How to send emails from a SharePoint Workflow using Visual Studio (2005 & 2008)

• How to (programmatically) assign users Tasks (think Outlook Tasks) and track their progress

• How to enable users to re-assign/delegate tasks, and track that this was done

NB. This event was Recorded on Saturday, December 15, 2007.

Sounds like a great session – just have to find 90 mins to watch it !

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