SharePoint scores with Web developers

If you don’t know about the buzz around SharePoint – and what it means for developers – and for corporates and enterprise world – you have to give this a read-thru.   

Some great quotes from this article :  

  • Microsoft has forecast that SharePoint will hit US$1 billion in revenue for 2008
  • SharePoint pages are ASP.NET applications, and they embed ASP.NET server controls called Web parts.
  • The platform’s growing popularity and the subtle differences between SharePoint and ASP.NET development are compelling Microsoft to invest in guidance to bring developers up to speed
  • Microsoft’s Paul Andrew said the company had not anticipated SharePoint’s popularity in the development community. “When [SharePoint] first came out, things were not scaled for its growth,” he admitted.
  • The company will continue to add support and development resources to SharePoint to handle the increased growth, he said.

And this makes me even more excited to see what comes from PDC :

The patterns and practices group at Microsoft will start publishing prescriptive guidance in the coming months for working with SharePoint APIs and building applications, said Andrew, adding that it has already published best practices for tuning memory management in SharePoint.

Additionally, the group is working to establish guidance for life cycle management with SharePoint, he said.

Microsoft’s developer division will also invest in tools and improve SharePoint Extensions for Visual Studio.

The next version of Visual Studio will bundle tools for SharePoint, and Microsoft intends to migrate SharePoint developers onto it, Andrew added. He would not specify what the new tools might be. Microsoft will continue to develop SharePoint extensions for Visual Studio.

Microsoft will announce its road map for SharePoint developer tools around its Professional Developers Conference at the end of October.

SharePoint scores with Web developers

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