SharePoint and Office Forum

“Delivering Seamless Productivity” is the tagline for the Microsoft SharePoint and Office Forum 2008.

Australian and international businesses use the seamless productivity of SharePoint(R) 2007 & Microsoft(R) Office 2007 to help improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase their competitiveness in a climate of economic uncertainty and a shortage in skills.

Delivering seamless productivity is a key organisational strategy to drive business alignment, ensure employee attraction and retention and improve green IT.

Now, Microsoft invites you to experience “Seamless Productivity” at the SharePoint & Office Forum 2008

Official banner of SharePoint Forum 2008

Being held in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth in late-November, customers will have an opportunity to :

  • Hear from SharePoint experts
  • Discover how Telstra Business, NAB Capital, Worley Parsons, Tourism SA and many more use SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007
  • Learn through live demo’s and gain access to case studies and resources

As a member of team at Dimension Data, I’ll be attending as part of a sponsor arrangement, and will be floating between sessions and spending some time on the booth talking to folk.

Hope to see you there !

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