New SharePoint related bits

SharePoint Guidance – November 2008

This guidance helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy, and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications.

A reference implementation (RI) demonstrates solutions to common architectural, development, and application lifecycle management challenges.

Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

This Management Pack monitors the health state of the components in your SharePoint environment that affect performance and availability.

When there is an issue that may cause service or performance degradation, Operations Manager 2007 uses the Management Pack to detect the issue, alert you to its existence, and facilitate diagnosis and corrective actions.

The management pack monitors:

  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 related services (Timer, Tracing and Search)
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 related Events
  • Web server applications such as Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • IIS-related Events
  • Microsoft SQL Server® database-related events
  • WSS Server performance

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