Groove is to SharePoint the same as Outlook is to Exchange

Microsoft Office Groove is a bit of a mis-understood creature, as a group-ware/off-line client tool – with a sharing ability for documents and images.

The difference is that there is no “server” as such – well, there is but works as a peer-to-peer program in reality.

That can be good – and bad – if a PC isn’t “sync’ed” up, then other folk won’t get the changes.   When used as a document collaboration tool, it’s rather lacking – with not much in the way of metadata, workflow, etc.

BUT – if you consider using Groove with SharePoint, you get the best of both worlds.   I’ve heard Groove explained in the following way :

Groove is to SharePoint the same as Outlook is to Exchange.

That’s a great analogy – working as an offline client to a server-based repository.   You then get the “smarts” and function of SharePoint – without having to save files to your local C: and/or problems working offline.

The following document from Microsoft covers more about the Groove+SharePoint setup :

Extending SharePoint with Groove Collaboration (DOC)

This paper explains how SharePoint teams can use Groove and its SharePoint Files tool to efficiently collaborate with offline field workers and selected consultants.


All I can say is…     Groovy, baby yeah !  

(sorry – couldn’t resist that !)


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