SharePoint Online – more white papers

Some more collateral and information about “cloudPoint” – that’s what I’m nick-naming the SharePoint Online offering – aka “Sharepoint in the cloud”.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Online is a collection of Web-based tools and technologies built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that help you store, share, and manage digital information within your company.

I’m guessing that SharePoint vNext (ie. Office-14) will also have a similar offering – with some Silverlight bits & pieces included.

These two Word doc’s cover what’s available/included in the offering – as well as some information for admin’s and developers – about how to customize and extend.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Online

This white paper describes the services and features that are included with the Standard offering of SharePoint Online.

Microsoft SharePoint Online Standard Developer Guide

This white paper describes the customization (or extensibility) capabilities that are supported with the Standard offering of SharePoint Online.

Worth a read-thru – good to see what’s in/out – and how far you can customize – not to the extent of event handlers, custom web-parts, but more along the lines of Master Pages & Page Layouts – and some branding, colours, fonts, etc via SharePoint Designer – as well as created InfoPath “forms”.

Here’s a quick blurb of what’s OUT :

In the current release of the services, the following actions are not supported:

  • Use inline code, build coded workflows, or develop Office InfoPath forms with coded business logic.
  • Deploy features, solutions, pluggable authentication providers, Web Parts, site definitions, or other modifications that require deployment and configuration on the server.
  • Modify built-in SharePoint files, web.config settings, security policy, and other elements.
  • Make configuration changes that affect the Web server or the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • Make changes or add capabilities that require a custom database or changes to the database schema.

Not surprised really – as it’s a shared platform (no pun intended – seriously !)

I guess it’s a really good alternative to having an “extranet” – with document management hosted externally – will be available in Australia in the next few months. (watch this space !)

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