Deploying SharePoint – STOP – and read this

Too often, there are some traps and pitfalls when installing SharePoint. Most folk would say “it’s pretty easy really !!” – and yep, you CAN do a simple “Click Next > Next > Finish” approach – and get it up and running.

But – you should really take some time to stop and PLAN the implementation, with some “analysis & design” style activities – of the environment, security, branding requirements, metadata & search, and so on.

In that case – before you begin – this white paper is a MUST read.

In fact, if you ever have, ever will, or ever considering installing SharePoint, this is a MUST read also.

Topics to consider before deploying SharePoint Products and Technologies

In this concise paper we will guide new administrators of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 or Windows® SharePoint® Services to many of the touch points they will need to concern themselves with prior to deploying SharePoint in their environment.

The goal is to cut down on the “I didn’t even know SharePoint Server had that” reactions.

This paper will guide them through the most common issue areas when getting started with SharePoint, including server administration, governance, branding, and development.

Thanks to the folk at SharePoint 911 :

There’s a DOCX, PDF and XPS available – I’ll be printing it out, and reading on the train – for sure !


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