Cool SharePoint diagrams in Visio

Most folk (myself included) will usually crank up Visio when needing to create “server topology” or “application architecture” diagrams.

Having good shapes & symbols can often make the difference between a diagram that “works” and one that “doesn’t”.

The “look & feel” of the shapes can convey a fair amount of the message – it’s not just the layout or words on display – if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I found some great shapes that you can use when designing SharePoint “architecture diagrams” and so forth – like models for server deloyment.

These same shapes were used by MIcrosoft themselves :

Click below to grab a ZIP file containing the Visio stencis & shapes :

Visio stencils for IT Pro Posters

Thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint IT Pro documentation team for this one…

I wonder if people call them the MSITPD team ? or maybe just “the SharePoint doco gang”…?


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