Site Feature – Include Custom Icon (GIF)

When creating custom SharePoint webparts using features, the ICON to show within the Site Collection Feature page is often forgotten, or developers just don’t bother with it – and leave it as the default one.

The following shows some “Out Of The Box” icons – and the Telerik icon – with the little green pencil on the right-hand side.


If you want to include a custom icon – here’s how to do it – very simple !

(1) Create an image to use

  • The image that will be included is best to be 31 x 21 in size.
  • Here’s some example ones, that you can take & use if you want – or simply create your own.


(2) Include the image in the solution

  • Within your Visual Studio project (using WSPBuilder, of course !), you will need to create an IMAGES folder
  • This is then copied into the 12 hive, when the feature is deployed.


(3) Add to FEATURE.XML file

  • Just need to add the “ImageUrl” property in the FEATURE.XML


(4) Build & deploy the WSP

That’s all that’s needed !!

You should now have a custom logo/icon when you view the features within “Site Features” – or “Site Collection Features” (as shown below)


Easy, eh ?   A quick way to differentiate your features from the OOTB ones – or to identify your company within the big list of features.


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