New SharePoint site gone live !

For close to FOUR months, we’ve been working on a big SharePoint publishing site, which has just gone live today !

It’s ready for action – so come and take a look :

The team involved a bunch of OBS developers, testers, BA’s and project manager – as well as a team from City Of Melbourne (CoM) – thanks to all the folk in the Business Information Systems (BIS) department.

Here’s a few tidbits about the new site :

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Publishing site (MOSS)
  • Custom master pages, page layouts & CSS
  • Approx 25 custom coded webparts & user controls
    • including AJAX enabled image gallery & post-a-comment
  • Custom search controls for input & search results
  • Telerik, AKS and ARF – to allow for W3C WCAG AA (Accessibility)
  • Multi-lingual capabilities for Melbourne Library
  • Different visual design for various sub-sites within the site hierarchy
    • Implemented using ‘alternate CSS’ (see below)
  • Mapping will be be included for phase 1.5

Here’s some screen shots of “before and after” :

Home Page

image image

Landing Page

image image




… and, here’s some screen shots of the different ‘sub site’ pages.  These all use the same webparts, navigation and other controls – with a different style & background image.  

Enterprise Melbourne :


North Melbourne Recreation Centre (NMRC) :


1200 Buildings :


Office of Knowledge Capital (OKC) :


Melbourne City Baths :


ArtPlay :


Arts House :


Signal :



Was a BIG effort from lots of people – some trial & tribulations – and a big success in the end. 

Thanks to all involved – let’s have a beer to celebrate !


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