Infrastructure documents within Central Admin

Within the Central Administration site for SharePoint, you can navigate through a multitude of pages for the various web application settings – and farm security & feature settings.

One thing I never stopped to think is that it’s still a SharePoint “team site” – and you can use it as such.  

Whenever we’re installing and configuring a SharePoint implementation for a client, there are often build documents, and configuration and installation details in DOCX or PDF format. 

Also, Disaster Recovery, and other information related to SQL Server and Exchange – and Active Directory (AD) configuration for People & MySites information.

Here’s a quick tip – why not store these documents within Central Admin ?!?

  • Open your SharePoint Central Admin site
  • Click Site Actions > Create
  • Click Document Library
  • Give it a name
  • …and then upload some documents !

Of course, you can go back to the Central Admin landing page, and click Site Actions > Edit Page to include new webparts.

In this screenshot, I’ve added the document library to the top-right :


… very cool, eh ?  

Here’s a few other ideas to use Central Admin as a “team site” :

  • Announcements list for server outages
  • Contacts list for server admin, and other technicans & vendors
  • Calendar for planned maintenance and outages
  • Tasks lists for ‘deployment plans’  

NB.  There already is a tasks list on the home page for Central Admin – how many people actually look at it – or use it ??   

I don’t think I have ever checked through and done ALL of the tasks listed !    *eek*


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