Congratulations to EPMSource

One of the affiliate bloggers who I work closely with has just been awarded a Microsoft MVP !

Alex Burton runs the EPM Source site, detailing many (MANY) bits & pieces about EPM (Enterprise Project Management) – otherwise known as “Project Server”.

With the new SharePoint 2010 platform arriving soon, there is also a new version of the Project Server platform – as well as the Microsoft Project desktop product.   We use both of these internally at our workplace – and has always been a bit of a mystery in parts. (I’m a “user” of Project Server, not a “developer” per se).

For me, and many others I’m sure, there is a growing need for some info & tid-bits about the new features & functions – hence, the birth of EPM Source, I guess !

Alex has also been involved in the local project server user group (MPUG) – and has created video clips & tutorials on the EPM Source site – and starred in his own video clip at the Microsoft “Ignite Training” for Project Server 2010 – held recently in Sydney.

Congratulations to Alex – well deserved !    Keep the good stuff coming down the tubes !


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