Document Sets – only for Documents, not Pages

With a SharePoint 2010 Publishing site, I was investigating to see if I could have a bunch of pages treated as a single unit – ie. Page-A, Page-B, Page-C and Page-D about a certain product.

That way, I could have the advantages of documents sets like a shared ‘versioning’ and ‘workflows’ and ‘permissions’ – they’re essentially just a new Content Type with some smarts included.

So – I tried the following steps – as would do with other document libraries :

  • Activate the Site Collection feature for Document Sets (within Site Settings > Site Collection Features)


  • Change to the Pages Library – and add the content type
  • Within the Pages library – change to the “Library” tab
  • Click “Library Settings” – and then “Advanced settings”
  • Tick the box to “Allow management of content types
  • Click “Add from existing site content types” – to choose the content type
  • Change the dropdown to be “Document Set Content Types” – and click ADD – then OK


OK – so it looks like it’s alright, eh ?


And – when switching back to the Pages library – I can create a NEW item of Document Set type :


BUT – I then got an “Unhandled Exception” !!


I checked the server log (Event Viewer) – and noted that there WAS an exception :

Exception information:
    Exception type: SPException
    Exception message: Document Sets cannot be created in the Pages Library.

Untitled (3)

DOH !!   

Yes – I know that a Page is not really a “Document” – but everything is a “ListItem”, right ?   So I thought it might work.  

And – I think that SharePoint should have captured the SPException – not been ‘unhandled’.

Oh well – might have to find another to treat “many pages” as a single unit – perhaps a Site Workflow – and manage it that way ?!    Let me know if you have any ideas or discover an answer.


Some good news is that you CAN use Document Sets for Document Libraries within a SharePoint Publishing Site – so that a group of PDF’s (for example) can undergo the same grouping & functionality/features.

Just NOT for the Page Library itself.

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