Can’t Add or Extend WebApp – SharePoint 2010

Within Central Admin (CA), I’m really liking the new ribbon interface – just have to click on a Web App, and the options in the ribbon bar change to show what actions are ‘valid’ – just like within a SharePoint team site, etc

CA has become a very nice place to be.   Smile

BUT – I was having a problem when trying to configure ANONYMOUS access – in which I needed to (1) extend a WebApp to a different zone; and (2) change the authentication providers to allow anon.

The problem is fairly clear in this screenshot :


The buttons for New, Extend, Auth Providers – and even Delete – are all disabled.

YES – this user has permission – I’m RDP’ed onto the server, and running as the ‘farm admin’ account. 

So I switch user to another account – the ‘farm’ (service) account – and no joy.  

Next stop is to check the Event Viewer – no errors.  And even the Permissions for the App Pool account.

To cut a long story short, this happens because of permissions within Internet Explorer (IE) – it occurs because of the “User Access Control” limiting what you’re able to do – damn it UAC, you got me again !

Resolution :

The simple answer is that you need to run the browser “as administrator” :

  • Click in the address bar and take a copy of the URL (CTRL+C)
  • Close Internet Explorer (all tabs)
  • Within the Start Menu – right-click on the blue (e) logo
  • Click “Run as administrator”


  • UAC will ask if you want to confirm the action – just click YES


  • Paste in the URL that you copied earlier – and hit enter.
  • Voila !!  
  • The buttons are enabled – and yes, you can do as needed – New, Extend, Delete, etc.


Quick Tip :

To avoid having to right-click, and choose “Run as administrator” each time, you can create an “Admin IE” icon :

  • Create an IE shortcut on Desktop    (right-click+drag – and choose ‘Create Shortcut’)
  • Right click on the blue (e) – and select Properties


  • Click Advanced


  • Tick the box for ‘Run as administrator’
  • And then click OK – and then once again (OK).


You can then double-click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop – as you would normally do. 

The UAC confirmation message will still be shown; you need to click YES as before.

IMPORTANT.  DO NOT simply turn off User Access Control (as I’ve seen elsewhere on other blogs…!!)

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