Keyboard Shortcuts in SharePoint 2010

With the move to be more standards compliant within SP2010, specifically targeting Accessibility (AA / WCAG / etc), there are some keyboard shortcuts that exist within SharePoint 2010.

This is implemented using the “accesskey” HTML tag – within a specific markup node :

<a href="javascript:;" onclick="javascript:this.href=’#mainContent’;" class="ms-SkiptoMainContent" accesskey="X">Skip to main content</a>

If needing to use a browser without a mouse, these are vital – and saves TAB-TAB-TAB’ing around the page.

Most developers loooove a good keyboard shortcut – so I had a look at the ‘view source’ for the standard SharePoint home page :


Most of these simply ‘jump you’ to a specific item on the page – remember that you have to use ALT+X (for example) to select the specific item – and then ENTER to do the ‘click’.

Here’s the list of keyboard shortcuts – for the default ‘team site’ home page :

  • / – Site Actions Menu
  • S – Search this site – can just start typing in the Search box
  • W – Security (login) dropdown
  • W – Shared Documents – can tab between these items – ie. ALT+W twice
  • X – Skip to main content (hidden link)
  • Y – Skip Ribbon Commands
  • 1 – Home (hyperlink)
  • 6 – Help – the little blue question mark in top right of screen
  • 3 – View All Site Content

As mentioned, much of the need for shortcut keys is when you haven’t got a mouse – but I’m sure it could be useful for some folk – I like the ALT+3, ENTER – to go to ‘View All Site Content’ – might have to try & use that !


One thought on “Keyboard Shortcuts in SharePoint 2010

  1. jey July 20, 2010 / 6:55 am

    I am “alt3Entering” a lot these days thanks to you 🙂


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