TechEd Australia – SharePint – Free Drinks !

This time next week, the Tech Ed conference will be in full-swing, with the opening party happening on the Tuesday night. 

On Wednesday night (August 25th), there’s a bunch of SharePoint and Office folk heading to the SharePint gathering at the Moo Moo bar – see here for all the details.

In addition to AvePoint providing an XBox-360 for a prize draw, we’ll now be able to enjoy some FREE DRINKS (!) thanks to a few great Microsoft partners – OBS and Aptimize.


From the OBS web site :

OBS is Australia’s Premier SharePoint Specialist.

We help organisations get value from SharePoint through business focused products and solutions.

OBS’s expertise has resulted in the deployment of Australia’s biggest SharePoint project as well as the completion of nearly 400 SharePoint deployments in the last 12 months.

Source : OBS – About Us


OBS are 100% Microsoft focused, and were the first Gold Partner in Australia, and were engaged by Microsoft to build their Microsoft Australia’s own Employee Portal.

With over 140 people across Australia, OBS offer a range of products, solutions and services relating to :

  • Collaboration & Social Networking
  • Document & Records Management
  • Intranet & Portals
  • Web & Internet Presence
  • Search
  • Forms and Workflow Automation
  • Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint Custom Applications

OBS were recently awarded 3rd place in the BRW Best Place to work 2010 – after finishing 10th last year !

** There’s a few great positions open at OBS – check here to see. 

Or you can follow @OBS_Careers on Twitter – just be sure to mention the special code word : GrumpyWookie.   Smile


From the Aptimize web site :

Aptimize Website Accelerator (WAX) is an ISAPI filter for Microsoft IIS, or a Daemon module for Linux Apache.

It automates performance tuning by dynamically optimizing web pages for performance at runtime – just before a page is sent from web server to browser.


This is a great add-on for the web server underneath SharePoint, to speed up how it serves pages.  Even Microsoft used it for the site – see here for the case study.

Chris Auld from Aptimize will be presenting a few sessions at TechEd – about cloud computing with Azure, CRM and another on Windows Phone development.  He’ll be easy to spot, with his trademark yellow crocs – and might have his new yellow backpack with him too. 


He even has a yellow iPhone – and a yellow Ibis Mojo mountain bike – which would be sweeet, believe me.  And I think he even has a yellow car !  Chris will be on hand to talk about Aptimize, as well as other discussion about his sessions, and whether the All Blacks should be changed to the All Yellows – or not.   Smile with tongue out


Thanks again to OBS and Aptimize for providing some beverages.

Drinks at the bar will start at 8 pm – we will have a set amount of cash to lay on the bar – when it’s gone, it’s gone – so don’t be late.

It should work out to ‘first free drink’ for up to 200 people.   (or 4-5 drinks – for 40 people – LOL !)

Hope to see you there !    

Winking smile

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