TechEd Australia–part II

Wow – the weeks sure go fast these days – it’s one week now since I arrived home from TechEd – seems a lifetime ago – even more reason to continue with the ‘story’ (refer to Part 1 if you haven’t already).


After a successful SharePint evening the night before, it was back to the GCCEC for more – starting with a 7am breakfast with MVP’s.   Lots of interesting discussion and catching up with some people from ‘other disciplines’.

I’d been booked for an exam, so I finished breakfast – and into the exam hall.   Sorry to report, but I actually ‘didn’t pass’ the exam !   (OK – you can say FAIL if you want).  

I missed out by ONE question – needing 35/50 – I only scored 34/50.  The exam was the Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator (70-668) exam – mainly infrastructure and fail-over, etc – some of my colleagues said it was a very hard one – so I didn’t feel “too bad”.   Sad smile

I headed up to catch the second half of the OFS3002 – Building Solutions with Business Connectivity Services session with Will Cornwill & Jeremy Thake – some great BCS config from a business user level (web UI) – and a developer – within Visual Studio.   And I won a book for a question at the end !

The next SharePoint session was entitled OFS203 – The New SharePoint based Digital Marketing Platform – probably a bit little too high-level for me – but great to see some of the great publishing sites that are out there, done with SharePoint.

The lunchtime sessions were next – in the AvePoint interactive theatre.

Alex Burton showing some project management using SharePoint 2010 (THR006 – Leveraging SharePoint 2010 for Project Management) – a session I’d seen a preview of as a “beta” – but not in a crowded room.   Alex is a very passionate and well-structured speaker, as someone next to me commented.  

Mark Rhodes from OBS in Brisbane was next, with an infrastructure + SharePoint session (THR007 – SharePoint 2010 Server Health Monitoring).  Mark works for the same company as me, but I’d never seen him present.  Unfortunately, he had some technical troubles with his VM – but he seem un-rattled by that – another great session, some good ideas on monitoring and tracking/tracing problems.

A big day of sessions – with the main arena hosting Paul Turner and the session entitled OFS303 – Extending Workflows with Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, Visio 2010 and InfoPath 2010 – I hadn’t seen much on a 2010 front with ‘workflow’ – good to see in action, and what’s new/changed – certainly with SPD and Visio.

Quick rush home to get changed, and drop off my bag w/ laptop and all – and back for the last session of the day – which was Brian Farnhill & Garth Luke doing OFS304 – SharePoint storage and physical architecture best practices.  Great to see how you can hook a file share to SharePoint – and surface via the standard UI – like a BCS for a file system (!).   Very entertaining and infra level session – good stuff indeed !

The TechEd house party was next up – with the car park converted into a “TimeZone” – with laser tag, a few air hockey, video games, hotdog stand – and a few drink stalls (although the ‘good’ beer went quickly – with only XXXX left behind).

A few of us found a table in the main arena for the comedian’s show – some great laughs – lots of fun indeed – and then there was the “Band Jam” – with a REAL band kit setup, and anyone could play.  Times like these, I wish I actually could play an instrucment of some kind !

So – went to check out the rest of the entertainment – human foosball, giant chess, beach cricket, sumo wrestling, and more XBox’es than I could count.  Microsoft did a great job – I know a lot of people were thinking the party would ‘bomb’ – after last year being at DreamWorld (!!).

A few of us adjounrned to a cocktail bar nearby, and then to a nightclub up the street – and was close to 3.30am when I got home – good fun with some ‘industry pals’ – some really good mates indeed !


Had to pack up and check out of the hotel, and then I was scheduled for the ‘user group’ lounge to talk to people about MOSSIG (the local SharePoint user group in Melbourne).

I was leaving early-ish to get home to family – but I still managed to catch the DAT417 – Solving the problems of SharePoint and SSRS Integration session – presented by some Dimension Data people I know – Rolf Tesmer & Jeremy Hancock.   Good info on the different ways you can hook SSRS + SharePoint – and load balancing and licensing considerations also.

And suddenly – my TechEd was DONE….!     Sad smile

I wandered back to the user group lounge, and said farewell to a few folk – and jumped in a cab – chatting excitedly about the last few days.

When I was arriving at the airport, a friend rang me to say that I’d won an XBox-360 at TechEd !!   But – as I wasn’t THERE to receive the prize, they did a re-draw, and it went to someone else – oh noes !

Never mind – it was a great 3-4 days of learning, networking, socialising, presenting, and much more.

Was a long, slow flight home (or so it seemed) – and great to get home to wife & kids…!

TechEd was a great conference – lots of SharePoint, and great discussion & Q&A with people.

Thanks Microsoft – and all attendees and delegates – I will (hopefully) see you next year !


P.S. #1  There was a massive amount of Twitter traffic – using the #auteched hashtag – and I was a little amazed to see that I was the 12th most prolific tweeter’er !    LOL !

P.S. #2  Click here to see some of my “EyeForce” video clips (FaceBook) – some great footage from around the conference – and the house party on the Thursday night.

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