SharePoint Saturday – Client Object Model

This coming Saturday, the SharePoint Saturday user group event rolls into Melbourne.   I’ll be presenting, along with a swag of other great speakers & presenters from Melbourne, and around Australia. 

There’s 15 sessions in total – in three ‘tracks’ – and an ‘ask the experts’ panel, and prize draw (XBox 360 !)

The presentation I’ll be showing is about how to use the new SharePoint 2010 ‘client object model’ – essentially a cut-down coding model (API) for use within client programs – such as WinForms, and Silverlight.

The basics I’ll be covering are :

  • Client Object Model – what is it, and how does it compare to what we used with SP-2007
  • .NET CLR – using SharePoint code (C#) within a Windows Forms application – in Visual Studio 2010
  • JavaScript – using SharePoint code within a JavaScript code segment, running within a browser
  • Silverlight – how to use the SL version of the Client Object Model, for use within a browser XAP file

Hopefully my demo’s will all work – I’d better pray to the demo gods over the coming days !   Smile

SharePoint Saturday is sure to be a big success – thanks a lot to the organisers.

And especially need to thank the sponsors too – the day wouldn’t be ‘free’ without them !


Hope to see you there !

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