Gearing up for SharePoint Saturday

Less than 48 hours until the Melbourne edition of SharePoint Saturday kicks off – I’ve done a few run throughs of my presso – and worked out timings, etc – just need to pray to the demo gods !


The draft day-schedule looks great – with FIFTEEN sessions – across three different rooms.   What a bugger – I’ll only get to about HALF the sessions I’m wanting to check out – there’s TOO MUCH to see !

There’s a few people planning to get together for beers and dinner – with some of the interstate visitors – on the Friday night (29th October).

Just contact me on Twitter (@GrumpyWookie) – and can let you know when/where we’ll be meeting up – a SharePint evening – albeit a little subdued compared to TechEd (!!)

Last thing to mention, I’ll be having a PRIZE DRAW at the end of my presentation – with an MSDN Ultimate Subscription – worth about $20,000 – certainly the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate makes up a fair amount of that.

See you there !    (or for dinner+drinks on Friday night – if you can’t make it along.

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