SharePoint Saturday – Slides + Demo’s

Have just completed my session at SharePoint Saturday in Melbourne – and (phew) all my demo’s worked !

For those that weren’t there, I covered :

  • SharePoint 2010 – Client Object Model – cut-down API for out-of-process client/s
  • Architecture – how it works via proxy + object model (diagram)
  • WinForm demo – C# code to add a list item
  • JavaScript demo – ASCX with HTML/JS code to add list item
  • Silverlight demo – XAP file to list news, and have click/pop-up with news details
  • Gotcha’s – with batch execute, asynchronous execute, Silverlight UI thread, etc…

In case you missed the session – or – if you were here, and would like the slides/demo – here it is – zip file including the PowerPoint presentation – and the 3 demo’s (~ 900 kb)…

Thanks everyone who attended – and gave feedback/questions during the session – I learnt a few things also, by trying out some suggestions “live”…!


2 thoughts on “SharePoint Saturday – Slides + Demo’s

  1. awaiK November 24, 2010 / 10:59 am

    Thanks for shareing this!


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