Useful tip – shortcut to SharePoint 14 Hive

One of the cool tips I showed during my SharePoint Saturday presentation is a great time-saver, when needing to navigate to the SharePoint hive.  

I had a few people comment “that’s awesome !” – so I thought I’d share it here also…

How many developers do this every single day – multiple times a day ??

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Double click (or expand) – C:
  • Double click (or expand) – Program Files
  • Double click (or expand) – Common Files
  • Double click (or expand) – Microsoft Shared
  • Double click (or expand) – Web Server Extensions
  • Double click (or expand) – 14      (or 12 – for SharePoint 2007)
  • PHEW !!    

YES of course, you can have a shortcut on the desktop – but most folk just open Windows Explorer, and then think “oh yes !  I think I have a shortcut somewhere – oh well, I’ll just click through to the hive”…

With the new UI for Windows Server 2008, you can easily put a shortcut WITHIN Windows Explorer itself.

  • Open Windows Explorer – and navigate to the folder
              • C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions
  • Draaag the “14” to the lower part of the “Favourites” section – and drop

** IMPORTANT : Make sure you “Create link in Favourites” – not MOVE the 14 folder – bad news if you do that !!


  • Then – you can rename the “14” to be something else
  • Right-click and choose “Rename”


  • I normally rename to “SharePointRoot”


Then – you can open Windows Explorer – and just click the link for “SharePointRoot” – and you’ll be into the 14 hive immediately – cool, eh ?!


3 thoughts on “Useful tip – shortcut to SharePoint 14 Hive

  1. awaiK November 24, 2010 / 10:58 am

    I also use the new library feature to have all my logs at one place.


  2. Jey Srikantha December 4, 2010 / 6:39 am

    I also have environment variables created for each of my commonly used locations such as the 12hive so that all I have to do is to type %12% on the address bar of explorer and I get there.


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