Navigation link to parent Site Collection

For an intranet portal, there is often a need to create a LOT of sub site-collections.   For example, there might be a subject-matter decision – such as “HR” and “Projects” and “Marketing” need to be a separate site collection – for backup purposes (separate content DB) – or for security.

With the ‘navigation’ elements – they can often become a little disconnected.

For example – these are the site collections – and the corresponding URLs :

When inside the Projects site collection, for example, you won’t see the navigation pointing back up to the root site collection – and users might get a little stuck :


To resolve this – you can include the ‘parent’ site collection – and this will be injected at the top.

  • Within the child site collection, click Site Actions > Site Settings
  • Choose ‘Portal Site Connection’ – within the Site Collection Admin grouping


  • Enter the portal configuration, with the URL and the NAME :


The navigation will now show the link to the root site collection – or whatever text you need :


Hopefully that helps with users navigating around your new SharePoint 2010 intranet.

** Further topic – how to define a site collection within a separate content database.

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