Not deploying CSS & Images (Style Library)

I’m working on a ‘branding package’ and have been wondering why my CSS and images for the styles are not being deployed – into the “Style Library” folder within the root site.

This is for SharePoint 2010 – using a Visual Studio 2010 project. 

** The new Package and Module metaphor takes a bit of getting used to !

My solution package (WSP) has the necessary FEATURES – with the corresponding files within – ie. ELEMENTS.XML – the files are correct – just not getting to the Style Library.

  • Checked the ELEMENTS.XML file itself – all looks OK


  • Checked the files – CSS, image and so forth – but ZERO files deployed.
  • Checked the feature – and yep – looks OK.


  • I was even checking the auto-generated “manifest” – and that looks OK.   


Uh-oh – I think I spotted the trouble.  


That’s not right !!

Yes – it turns out the ELEMENTS.XML file is being deployed ‘as a file’ – not a manifest.

Resolution :

  • Click on the file (elements.xml)
  • Change the ‘Deployment Type’ – to be ElementManifest.


  • Re-build the package – and re-deploy – success !!

And – can verify this by checking the ‘packaged manifest’ also :


I’ll have to remember that for the future – in case I’m scratching my head wondering why files are NOT being deployed !


One thought on “Not deploying CSS & Images (Style Library)

  1. Han September 1, 2012 / 11:57 am

    GREAT!!! Thanx


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