SharePoint vNext for Linux ?

Interesting post on the official SharePoint team blog, regarding the new CodePlex project aligning with the MONO project folk – ie. C# for Linux.

When I was in Seattle, I happened to be on a bus next to Miguel Icaza – who was there as a C# MVP because of his work with MONO.  I was mentioning SharePoint – and he was asking a lot about the product, and seemed interested in how it works.

Anyway – will be great to try out the CodePlex project – still very early “beta” and such – but great work from the open source community – along with the SharePoint community.

Not sure if this might lead the way for the NEXT version of SharePoint – we’ll wait and see I guess.

SharePoint Team Blog : CodePlex project – SharePoint now targetting Mono (Unix)

2 thoughts on “SharePoint vNext for Linux ?

  1. Tim Wragg April 6, 2011 / 7:00 am

    wow amazing… 🙂
    can’t be april fools because your post is on March 31…

    ** UPDATED – to be April 1. 😉


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