Managed MetaData “ampersand” values (termset)

The new Managed MetaData Service App within SharePoint 2010 is great for creating taxonomy, folksonomy, and for allowing people to tags documents with values – aside from just a normal list look-up – or choice field.

But – I came up against a pretty nasty scenario (bug ?) when using a CAML query – and attempting to use one of the Managed Metadata values.

Case in point :

I have a termset for “Division”.  This has termset values for “HR”, “IT”, “Finance”, “Research & Development” and “Purchasing”. 

When I have a dataview webpart – I use a CAML statement like this (ie. WHERE Division = Finance) :


            <FieldRef Name="Division" />

            <Value Type="Text">Finance</Value>


This works perfectly – every single time – for “Finance”.  And – the same for “HR” and “IT” and “Purchasing”.

BUT – when I need to use the value for “Research & Development” – I was striking a problem.

Hhhhmmmm – why is that ?!?

Aaaah – it has an ‘ampersand’ in the value – that’s cool – I’ll just use THIS :


            <FieldRef Name="Division" />

            <Value Type="Text">Research &amp; Development</Value>


Now – THAT would normally work for any other field within SharePoint – Choice, Text, etc – right ?

Sadly – NO.  Not for Managed MetaData. 

For some strange reason – it’s not actually an “ampersand” – like you’d type with SHIFT+7 on the keyboard.

Instead – it’s a wierd unicode value – have a look here :

The value is actually :

     Research & Development

Instead of :

     Research & Development

Can you spot the difference ??    No – that’s not a strange font, it’s a different CHARACTER…   (WTF !)

So – the way to use within a CAML query – is to refer to the exact character :


            <FieldRef Name="Division" />

            <Value Type="Text">Research & Development</Value>


Of course !!   “Well, there’s your problem” – as the MythBusters would say ! 

UPDATE : Just realised that the above character is being encoded – dammit !   

What you need to include is :

Research [#]65286 Development

** You will need to remove the square brackets (!)

Thanks Wikipedia for the assistance with that one.

Hopefully – YOU don’t have the same hair-pulling exercise that *I* had – and you can get your DVWP + CAML to sing & dance the way it should – using the termset values.


Further Discussion :

This is a essentially a “data related” issue – it’s a problem because of some of the actual ‘values’  I have in my Managed MetaData termset – rather than anything wrong with Managed Metadata itself.

The BIGGER question is – should I be using the “&” value at all ??  

Maybe the termset value should be :

      Research and Development

This is being discussed within my development & “business analyst” team – with the thinking that we should NOT use any punctuation – or XML’ish values – even if the SharePoint UI allows it.

** Just because you CAN – doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Your thoughts on this !??    Leave a comment – I’d be interesting to know your views.   Is it a bug perhaps !?

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