Presenting at TechEd

With only two weeks until Tech Ed 2011 is in full swing, I’m sure there’s a whole swag of activity around Australia, with presentation preparation – and a bunch of geeks checking out the agenda + schedule.

This year, I’m presenting TWO sessions – as well as participating on the “ask the experts” panel.

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Here’s the details of the sessions I’m doing – hope to see you in the crowd !


AIT005 | SharePoint + jQuery – bring da bling!

  • Level-200
  • AvePoint SharePoint 2010 Interactive Theatre
  • Wed, 31 Aug – 1:15pm
  • Chris will show a fully sick SharePoint solution with cold-hard-chillin’ eye candy guaranteed to bring all the cool cats to check the funky shizzle on your SharePoint site. He will use jQuery/JavaScript along with DVWP’s, XSLT and HTML to show some animation effects, hovers & sliders – to pimp out the plain ol’ News Rotator like never before !   Word.

LOL !   Yep…!

This one should be a bit of fun – or I’ll crash-and-burn in a ball-of-flames.  

Either way – it should be entertaining…    Don’t miss it !



OFS-OFC309 | From Zero to Productivity with Office 365

  • Level-300
  • Ben Walters, Lee Hickin, Chris O’Connor
  • Thu, 1 Sep – 08:15am
  • Office 365 is the ideal platform to get your business up and running with the best productivity suite on the market. In this session you will witness the birth of a full infrastructure offering watch as Exchange 2010, Lync and SharePoint are provisioned and configured ready for use right in front of your eyes. Attendees will take away key learning’s on how to get started with the Office 365 Platform from day one.

I’ll be showing-and-telling the SharePoint aspects of Office-365 – and the administration aspects, and public-facing site configuration, etc.

This will be a very informative session – we’ll be getting up-to-speed LIVE – with lots of demos – and minimal slides….


AIT011 | Ask a SharePoint Expert: final Q&A Panel

  • Interactive Session
  • AvePoint SharePoint 2010 Interactive Theatre
  • Dan Holme, Mark Rhodes, Chris O’Connor
  • Fri, 2 Sep – 11:00am

I’m looking forward to this session – it will be great to ask some questions from Dan Holme & Mark Rhodes (from me !).

This will be an enjoyable and valuable session for those working with SharePoint – or hoping to test-the-waters.


See you on the Gold Coast – in less than two weeks…!

2 thoughts on “Presenting at TechEd

  1. Caroline September 9, 2011 / 2:45 am

    I really enjoyed your session at TechEd on SharePoint + jQuery – bring da bling. Have you put the files anywhere so that they can be downloaded?


  2. Chris O'Connor September 20, 2011 / 6:02 am

    Thanks Caroline ! Yep – I’m planning to bundle up the files & slides – but haven’t had a chance as yet. Also – I’ll be re-doing the same session at SHAREPOINT SATURDAY MELBOURNE – so will definatly put the collateral up on my blog – around the same time…


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