TechEd Wrap-Up

Exactly three weeks ago, I was headed up to the Gold Coast for Microsoft’s TechEd conference.   Has been a fortnight (since) with sick kids, and me too (!) – and have only just managed to catch-up on emails & such.

My TechEd this year was a little different – as it was the first time I was to be presenting a Microsoft session.

But, first of all, I had a session entitled “SharePoint + jQuery – bring da bling” – in the AvePoint interactive theatre.  

My objective was to show how quick & easy it was to include jQuery within a SharePoint page – and then display some animations – with data sourced from a SharePoint list. 

This was foiled somewhat by my VM playing up – and running super-slow – annoying !

Anyway – the session ended up covering :

  • What is jQuery – and how to get it working in SharePoint (files)
  • Accordian – using a News library (Announcements)
  • Image Rotator – using a SharePoint Picture library

I had to skip the actual “News Rotator” piece – due to time & troubles – BUT – I will (hopefully) be re-doing this session at SharePoint Saturday in Melbourne (Oct. 22nd)

Sorry to those who have contacted me – asking about slides & demo material – I’ll make this available just after SPSat.

The second session I was to be doing at TechEd was related to Office 365 – From Zero to Productivity with Office 365.  

Ben Walters & Lee Hickin were my co-presenters – we had the ambitious goal of setting up and configuring Office 365 LIVE…

My piece was related to SharePoint – covering “what it is” – and the configuration and management aspects – as well as a demo of the Public Facing website component.

The session is now available for viewing – Microsoft have released these on Channel 9.


** Skip forward to about 45 mins – for the SharePoint piece.   Do I really sound like that !??!     [LOL]

Apart from the sessions that *I* was presenting – I had a bunch of great topics & sessions that I really enjoyed – and learnt a lot – here’s a link to the videos for the sessions I think are worth watching :

There were also some great sessions in the AvePoint theatre – about Authentication within SharePoint – and Business Intelligence – and a few ask-the-experts panels.

AND – I had a lot of fun with the session about Developing for the Kinect SDK – XBox for developers…!

As well as some great discussions & conversations – and lots of fun at the closing party.   And don’t forget the StormTroopers !

Thanks TechEd – you were a great event, yet again.  

And thanks Microsoft, of course !


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