I’m presenting – SharePoint Saturday Melbourne

This coming Saturday is Melbourne’s turn for SharePoint Saturday – after some great events in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney – over the last few months

SharePoint Saturday (SPSat) has become an amazing ‘movement’ within the SharePoint community – the day is free for all attendees – including lunch – thanks to generous sponsors, and a lot of hard work from the organisers (thanks – btw !)

This weekend also has SharePoint Saturday’s happening in Manila, Minnesota – and Minsk (Belarus – near Russia).  

Make sure you don’t go to the wrong venue – NOT at the Hotel Victoria !

For *MY* presentation this Saturday, I have re-jigged my session from TechEd – showing how to implement jQuery within a SharePoint 2010 environment.

I’ll show a quick overview – and then onto some demo’s :

  • Include jQuery within the Master Page
  • Add a DataView WebPart
  • Change some XSLT
  • Add some jQuery (JavaScript) statements
  • And voila !   
  • Animations without using FLASH…(!)

The demos will cover three main functions/features :

  • Accordian
  • Image Rotator
  • News Rotator

Each of these are easy to get working – with some great tips & tricks for data views as well – DON’T write code for rendering out data !    I’ll show you why/how.

After SharePoint Saturday, I’ll write up a little more about the demo’s – and have some code/samples to download.   But – for now – you’ll just have to come along and see !

Here are the main details :

P.S.  This event is being presented/supported by the “Melbourne SharePoint User Group” (MSPUG).

Click here for more information – and to subscribe to the newsletter.

Hope to see you there – Viva la SharePoint Saturday !


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