SP Saturday Melbourne – SharePoint + jQuery

Today was my session about jQuery and SharePoint – and all my demo’s worked – phew !

The main “take-aways” from the session were :

  • jQuery + SharePoint work nicely together – it’s all comes down to HTML in the end…!
  • Easy to create animations WITHOUT needing Flash, Silverlight – or HTML5
  • Use DVWP – and external XSLT – to construct the HTML you want
            • NB. This is a great way to display/layout data – regardless of whether you use jQuery or not !

The main steps from the slides were :

  • Upload the files to SharePoint (JS, CSS)
  • Include a script reference to use it
  • Add a DataViewWebPart – to a list (eg. Announcements, Product List)
  • Configure the XSLT to get the HTML you need/want
  • Include JavaScript (jQuery syntax) to do Accordian, Click, Hover, Cycle, etc…

The session today showed three main demos – which I’ll blog about ‘separately’ :

  • SharePoint Announcements list – Accordian
  • SharePoint Image list – Image Rotator (photos of bikes/mountain bikes)
  • SharePoint Announcements list – News Rotator

I’ve uploaded the files from today’s session (to SkyDrive) :

  • Slide Deck (PPTX) : 396 KB
  • ZIP containing jQuery + scripts + XSLT : 109 kb
  • Click here to go to the SkyDrive folder for these files…

If you were at SharePoint Saturday – let me know any comments/feedback.

And – keep an eye on my blog/twitter – for an in-depth run-down of each of the demo’s…

Cheers !



4 thoughts on “SP Saturday Melbourne – SharePoint + jQuery

  1. Hi Chris,
    The session on SharePoint Saturday was perfect. I learned a lot. Thanks for the effort. Let us know how we can get informed about your other sessions or presentations if there is any in future.
    Best Regards,


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