SharePoint vNext – what will it be called ?

Lots of people NOT saying much about the next version of SharePoint – it’s all NDA at the moment.   I haven’t seen any of it as yet (honest).

I’ve heard it referred to as “SharePoint 15” (codename) – and “SharePoint 2013” – but no specific name is concreted or announced.

“SharePoint 15” is the codename – so it’ won’t be the final release name.

And Microsoft usually shy away from “13” – as they’re a bit superstitious – with Office 12 (2007) and then Office 14 (2010).     So – I don’t know if it will be “SharePoint 2013” – who knows…!?

Here’s an idea – based on the Office-365 cloud-based solution – they should call it Office-247…!

That way – you can have your on-premise farm as 24/7 – and the cloud 365 days a year.

Office 247 + Office 365 – what d’ya reckon ?!    


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