Get SPWeb + SPList GUID – quickly !

When developing webparts and/or CAML for a query – such as jQuery+JSON – or whatever purpose, you might be needing/wanting to get the “GUID” of the current web.

This is a bit tricky – and more annoying than anything.

There are some Powershell scripts – and awesome tools like CAML Builder – or SharePoint Manager – but if you don’t have those – and need it quickly, I have a great tip for you…

  • Click Site Settings
  • Click Content And Structure
            • You might need to “go to root site settings” – if you’re within a sub-site


OR – you can simply enter the URL…>


  • Within the Manage Content and Structure screen, find the site you want to check the GUID.
  • Here’s the trick – need to RIGHT-CLICK on the URL – and then select PROPERTIES


  • Within the dialog, highlight the URL – and right-click + copy


  • Then, open a new Notepad screen – and click Paste


  • Within the URL, the first bit is the GUID of the Site Collection
  • The second part is the GUID of the SPWeb (ie. the WebSite you want !)

Just take a copy of the GUID – and you can then use wherever you need/want.


To get the GUID of a particular LIST – you can use the same approach.

  • Choose the list you want, and right-click
  • Copy the URL, and paste into Notepad



Yet another easy way to get an SPList GUID is to look at the “Settings” page for a list.

  • Switch to the List tab (in SP2010) – or just click Settings (in SP2007)
  • Click List Settings
  • Click on Audience Targetting Settings


  • Check the URL – and you have ALL you need




These tips/tricks have save me LOTS of time – hope they help you too…!


2 thoughts on “Get SPWeb + SPList GUID – quickly !

    • Rajeev Fernando May 10, 2012 / 7:10 am

      Thanks for the tips. Really Useful


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