Nintex Workflow – Add Workflow Status Column

Within a SharePoint Document Library, or List, the standard function of a Nintex Workflow is to automatically add a column, that allows a user to see the Workflow Status.

This is familiar to developers – it will show “In Progress” – or “Error Occurred” – or “Cancelled”.

This is great for users to click “In Progress” – and thus view the “Current User Task”, and the history of what’s occurred.

But – unfortunately – there’s a few clicks required to view the ‘display workflow’.   The Nintex Workflow ‘visual’ diagram is a great way for users to get an understanding of the actions at play – but here’s the click-thru :

  • Click the drop-down for the item/document
  • Click Workflow History
  • Click on the ‘Running Workflow’

That’s THREE clicks – and a bunch of potential confusion (and/or training) for users.

Here’s a great tip to include a “View Process Flow” link, within the list view.


Add a new column to the SharePoint list/library :

  • Name = “Workflow Process”
  • Column type = “Hyperlink”

Edit the Workflow :

  • Create a new variable – eg.  View Process
  • Add an activity for “Build Dynamic String”
  • Click Add Reference – and choose “Workflow Status URL”
  • Add manual text after that – make sure to include a SPACE and a COMMA – and then the URL text.
  • It should then look like this :

{Common:WorkflowStatusUrl}, View Workflow


  • Next, add an “Item Update” activity
  • Select to update the “Workflow Process” column


  • Save the activity
  • And then Publish the workflow

That’s it !    Just need to run the workflow process – and see it in action.


Here’s what the list/library will look like – with the new column.


When the user clicks on this link, it will go immediately to the Workflow Status page.


This technique can be very useful – much easier for users to understand – and there are many other ways you can use this approach.

Simply (1) build a string – including the URL + SPACE + COMMA + TEXT – and (2) set the URL hyperlink field.

Hope this is a cool + useless tip for someone out there…!



7 thoughts on “Nintex Workflow – Add Workflow Status Column

  1. This really helped in creating a workflow status column for a list which was set to run on a schedule via ‘Scheduled site workflow’. Schedules site workflows do not automatically add a column for the workflow.


  2. Surprisingly useful after my boss and I spent 10 minutes searching around trying to remember how to access the visual diagram…and we’re both SharePoint developers.


  3. Excellent!
    Any little thing like this that can help the developer and customer analyze their workflow quickly and efficiently is great!


  4. I continually go back to this post to confirm the correct way to write into one of these fields. I also show this post to everyone who I train and other colleagues! Thanks for helping Wookie!


  5. hELLO,
    Is great the way to solve a problem, however I am getting and error: “The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information” Any idea what is happening>?



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