InfoPath People Picker –> SharePoint Column

Within InfoPath, the ability to easily add a “People Picker” control allows for an easy-to-use interface for users, with search, and other functionality as with a People Picker used within SharePoint.

The underlying data structure is a “pc: Person” node within the XML :

  • DisplayName
  • AccountId
  • AccountType

It would be great if this column/field could then be promoted to a SharePoint column – and then the data within the list/library can be filtered depending on the “current user”.

BUT – if you try this, you’ll get some strange results.   You CAN promote the column outside of InfoPath, but only simply data types (text field)

As the People Picker is a repeating section, you have the ‘function’ drop down also


Here’s what you get – for promoting the Account Id column :


I’ve tried a few other ways, but :

  • You CAN’T promote the entire People Picker control
  • You CAN’T create a ‘People or Group’ field in the list – and then choose this column (mis-matched types)

Solution :

There *IS* a way to achieve this, making use of a Nintex Workflow for a quick data update.

  • Don’t promote the column out of the InfoPath form


  • Create a custom column within the list/library, that will be updated by a workflow


  • Create a Nintex Workflow for the library – and set it to run “on update”
  • Use a “Query XML” action to read the value from the InfoPath form –> Account Id


  • Add an “Update Item” action to update the value back to the listitem (the newly added column)


  • Fairly simple workflow – will only be a two step process


  • Save and Publish the workflow
  • Don’t forget to set “Start when items are modified” = Yes

Quick Demo

When a user adds a form, or edits a form, the value within the People Picker will change.

The underlying workflow will then update the column – and you can use the [Me] keyword in SharePoint List Views – and/or filters – and users will be able to view “MY” workflows/forms.

Here’s the form – with the user chosen from Active Directory :


And – after the workflow completes – the User Account field is populated :


With that in place, you can have a filter like this :


With a very simple data update, you CAN use an InfoPath people picker within a SharePoint list/library….

Good luck – hope that helps with your project/s.


4 thoughts on “InfoPath People Picker –> SharePoint Column

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