Merge Documents + Relink Documents – REMOVE

Recently, I had a customer that has an InfoPath + Nintex Workflow solution, with a Forms Library in SharePoint.  Within the list, the “view” dropdown was showing “Merge Documents” and “Relink Documents”.

Aside from some confusion (“what do they do ?”) – the next question to me was “Can you get rid of them ?”


As a matter of curiosity, and to work out their purpose, I delved deeper :

  • Merge Documents -> /Forms/Combine.aspx
  • Relink Documents -> /Forms/repair.aspx

I checked the page HTML/JS (view source) – and the menu creation code has "showRepairView : true" – and "showMergeView : true"


They’re not actually VIEWS – re-link is used to fix documents for Content Types – and Merge will combine documents together.    Anyway – how to remove them from the VIEW menu ??

Solution – Option 1

An MSDN article has the same question, and some of the proposed answers are :

  • Change the DisplayName for the REPAIR.ASPX page (make it empty)
  • Remove the REPAIR.ASPX page itself (eek !)
  • Fiddle with the user options – ie. EDIT permissions

Another article at “All Things SharePoint” mentions :

  • Open SharePoint Designer

Well – do either of these work ??    YES and NO.   Not a good approach, and doesn’t actually help much.

Solution – Option 2

After a little more poking around, hoping to find an option inside SharePoint to “switch off” the links to RELINK and MERGE, I was wondering why they’re listed in the “view” dropdown.

Then, I began to think “maybe I could just delete the views” ??

  • Download, install and fire-up SharePoint Manager
  • If you have troubles, you can try SPx (SharePoint Explorer), which is SharePoint Manager using the Client Object Model (this is VERY handy – for any locked down environments)

NB.  Screen shots are from SPx – but very similar…

  • Connect to your site – using the “Connections” menu


  • Expand the RootWeb node – and then Webs
  • Find the Web you’re looking for – check within the Webs node (for sub-webs)
  • Expand the Lists node
  • Find the list you’re looking for – for my case it’s “OATR_Test1”


  • Expand the Views node – and you’ll see the RELINK and MERGE entries
  • Right-click – and select “DeleteObject” (these are methods via Reflection)


  • Repeat for both MERGE and RELINK
  • Can close out of SPx / SharePoint Manager

That’s all you need to do !    If you look at the site/library – you’ll see they’re GONE.


Hopefully this helps with your SharePoint environment – viva la SPx !!


6 thoughts on “Merge Documents + Relink Documents – REMOVE

  1. Colleen July 31, 2012 / 5:04 am


    This has really bothered me.

    I’m no expert but I’ve found that if you just delete the All Documents view and then go into ‘Configure Views for this location’ and click OK. Merge and Relink will disappear! Bingo.

    This is good for libraries where there won’t be one public ‘all documents’ view.

    It’s working for me, for now and is super quick…

    Thought I’d share…


  2. Yap Sok Chuan August 30, 2012 / 3:37 am

    Thank you Colleen for your simple and super quick solution, this really help!!!


  3. Chris O'Connor September 26, 2012 / 12:33 am

    Thanks Colleen – I’ve been able to do the same as well.

    * Create a new view – copy the ‘All Documents’ view – eg. ‘All Items’
    * Set this new view as the default
    * Delete the ‘All Documents’ view
    * YES – both the Re-Link and Merge are GONE !

    They must be tied to the initial default view somehow.

    Thanks again – that’s a great/easy answer !


    • Chris O'Connor October 23, 2012 / 11:20 pm

      Was missing a step :
      * Create a new view – copy the ‘All Documents’ view – eg. ‘All Items’
      * Set this new view as the default
      * Delete the ‘All Documents’ view
      ***** > Need to also go into “Configure Views For This Location” – and just click “OK”
      * YES – both the Re-Link and Merge are GONE !


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  5. farifairis February 9, 2015 / 3:22 am

    thanks, Colleen..
    you saved my day..!


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