Change MySites Landing Page (SharePoint 2010)

Within SharePoint 2010, the right-hand context menu includes a link for a user to navigate to their “MySite” – assuming the User Profiles Service – and MySiteHost is configured and working, etc.

There are a few pieces to the MySite – the ‘shared area (host)’ – and then the MySite’s themselves – one for each user.    The user area is actually a different site collection – that’s just the way MySites work.

When the user clicks “My Site” – the default place to go is the landing place for the “My Site Host” Site Collection.


It follows that this is simply another type of Site Collection – a very special Site Collection – but none-the-less, there’s a landing page – and you can CHANGE it.

This can be done via POWERSHELL – to one of the pages within the Site Collection.   This is thus the “welcome page” for the Site Collection.

Here’s the pages you can choose from :

  • default.aspx
  • person.aspx
  • organizationview.aspx
  • personcontent.aspx
  • tagprofile.aspx


The steps to do this are :

  • Get the site for the MySiteHost
  • Get the RootFolder
  • Set the Welcome Page
  • Update


Here’s the actual CODE (PowerShell)…

  • $site = Get-SPSite http://server/mysitehost/
  • $web = $site.RootWeb
  • $folder = $web.RootFolder
  • $folder.WelcomePage = "personcontent.aspx"
  • $folder.update()
  • $web.update()
  • $web.Dispose()
  • $site.Dispose()

In the following screen shot, I’ve update to “PERSONCONTENT.ASPX”.   This shows the MySite with the tab for ‘Content’ already open.  

The user can then navigate to their MySite directly – as shown.


Easy, eh !?

Hope you can use this cool tip.


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