Nintex Workflow 2013 – Commit Column ??

As a keen workflow person, I was excited to install a new version of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013.

The install instructions are very straight-forward :

  • Run the installer
  • Deploy solutions
  • Activate Features
  • Configure Database
  • Import Licence file

** This hasn’t changed much from the 2010 version – it’s a quick 15-20 minute job – WITH coffee.

The new user interface is fairly ‘washed out’ – mainly due to all the WHITE within SharePoint.

I actually had a “WTF” moment – with this screen shot – wondering “what is the Commit column ??”.

Workflow Variables (2013) :


It makes more sense when you look at the “OLD” screen – in SharePoint 2010 :

Workflow Variables (2010) :


Aaaah – it’s part of the RIBBON – not the LIST.     *facepalm*


I had another issue when I first installed Nintex 2013 – with this error :

The file ‘/_layouts/15/Seattle.master’ does not exist.


It turns out to be that I’m using the SharePoint 2013 “Preview” – not RTM version.

The default Master Page has been renamed – and Nintex 2013 is looking for “seattle.master”.

As a simple hack – NOT SUPPORTED (use at own risk) – I did the following :

  • Opened Windows Explorer
  • Change to C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions15TEMPLATELAYOUTS
  • Take a copy of v15.master 
  • Name the new copied file as seattle.master

As stated – THIS IS A DODGY HACK – and I’m only doing on a DEV/PLAY virtual machine – using ‘SharePoint 2013 Preview’.

Good luck with the new Nintex Workflow 2013 – it looking very much the same as Nintex Workflow 2010 – but for SharePoint 2013.



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