Can’t rename column to be TITLE

Often, it’s necessary (or at least desirable) to change the field called “TITLE” into something else – after you create a SharePoint list or library.

We recently had a scenario where a user had changed it within the Item Content Type – oops !    The result was that anytime we created a new Custom List – it had a field called “ProjectNo” – instead of Title.

Simple answer would be to change the field BACK to be “Title”.

BUT – you CAN’T…!    The word “Title” is a reserved word – and so we’re stuck !

We had to crank out some PowerShell to fix the issue.

We basically have to set the “Title” (DisplayName) of the column – for the SPField :

$siteurl = “http://sharepointroot/

$spsite = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($siteurl)

$spweb = $spsite.OpenWeb()

$spfield = $spweb.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(“Title”)

$spfield.Title = “Title”


That did the trick – and we are back to what it should be !

Hope that helps someone – it was an annoying thing for us – and now it’s FIXED.


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