Australian SharePoint Conference Wrap-Up

Today was my session at AUSPC – covering some developer level topics – within SharePoint 2013.

The AppModel is a new paradigm – with some changes in perspective – before embarking on a new project.

The agenda for my session was :

  • Where have we come from ?
  • The new AppModel (SP2013) + Why ?
  • New thinking for developers
    • CSOM
    • REST
    • JSON
    • ODATA
    • OAUTH

The changes to application architecture bring some changes & challenges :

  • Security – OAUTH
  • Code – CSOM + REST
  • Data – ODATA + JSON

There were a few demo’s covering each of these– with some code samples – I’ve uploaded these to SkyDrive.

Click here to download the slides/ZIP’s – or you can flip through the deck below :

The other very useful tip/site was the JSON viewer :

Please let me know if you enjoyed the session – and leave me any questions/comments – cheers !


2 thoughts on “Australian SharePoint Conference Wrap-Up

  1. webbplats May 9, 2013 / 1:13 pm

    Nothing better than Google finding us a great site relevant to what I was ready for


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