Get Feature GUID – using IE Dev ToolBar

When dealing with PowerShell, it’s often tricky to work out how to get the GUID of a SharePoint feature.

There’s an easy way to grab the GUID – from within the “Site Settings > Site Collection Features” screen.


  1. Within Internet Explorer – click F12 for Developer Tools.
  2. Click on the ‘arrow’ – and then choose the ‘Activate’ button for the feature you’re checking
  3. In the HTML – there is an “ID” value above the button (surrounding DIV) – this is the feature ID !


Just need to click on the GUID – and can do a copy+paste to a PowerShell window.

The following statement will get the details for the feature (just replace with your GUID) :

Get-SPFeature |  Where-Object {$_.Id -eq “[GUID]”}


The above feature is the “Open Documents in Client Applications by Default” feature – I needed the ‘DisplayName’.

This means I can have a script like THIS – this activates the feature for a specific SPSite (Site Collection).

$site = Get-SPSite https://server/site
Enable-SPFeature -Identity “OpenInClient” -Url $site.Url

Very simple solution then – to determine the “DisplayName” of a feature – using the GUID, sourced from the HTML within the page.

Hope this tip is useful to someone out there – has been very helpful for me !


2 thoughts on “Get Feature GUID – using IE Dev ToolBar

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