Determine Site Template ID – using Internet Explorer

Further to my previous post about how to determine a “Feature ID” using the developer tools within a web browser, you can do the same for the “Site Templates” – if you’re wanting to automate – and/or refer within PowerShell, or another SharePoint feature.

When you select “New Site”, you’re prompted for the actual Site Template to use – this uses the “Silverlight” control.

BUT – if you navigate to the following URL – you’ll see the standard HTML view – this is the page that is shown when you create a Site Collection without a Site Template type selected.



  • Click F12 to open Developer Tools – and then click on the picklist (combo box).

** You might have to click the ‘refresh’ button – after switching tabs – Collaboration, Meetings, Enterprise, etc.

  • Check the HTML for the “SELECT” tag – and the various “OPTION” buttons.
  • This will give you the NAME+ID of the Site Template.


Eg. This is the “US Asset Operations” Site Template – which can then be used within a script :


Nice & easy – hopefully that’s a good tip for someone – I’ll certainly use that in the future…


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