DispForm.aspx Error in Office 365

I’ve been tracking down a very wierd (!!!) problem with Office 365, and a SharePoint 2013 environment.  

From a few support calls with Microsoft, it turned out to be the ‘Master Page’ in use.

The basic symptom is as follows :

  • Create a custom SharePoint list – eg. Test List
  • Add a few items – at least 4-5 items
  • Click on the “View Item” dropdown

Error message shown :

Sorry, something went wrong

No item exists at https://TENANT.sharepoint.com/Lists/Test List/DispForm.aspx?ID=3&Source=https://TENANT.sharepoint.com/Lists/Test%2520List/AllItems.aspx&ContentTypeId=0x0100C960232A60E32F4A9E0F734CBF3C7428&RootFolder=/Lists/Test List.  It may have been deleted or renamed by another user.

Technical Details

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: 73906e9c-bcaf-3050-c352-cfaf2db01581

But – the item is there – I can view within a REST URL :


And – the page ONLY works for VIEWITEM.ASPX?ID=1 and ?ID=2

Further wierdness – if I add a querystring to ANY page – it errors :

Eg.   https://TENANT/Pages/About-us.aspx?ID=1    (no problem – and ID=2)

https://TENANT/Pages/About-us.aspx?ID=3     (error !!)


For some reason, there is a problem with the “OSLO.MASTER” master page – in use for the SYSTEM master page.

If you try to VIEW – or EDIT a list item with ID > 2 (only #1 and #2 will work) – you get this error.

When I switched to the SEATTLE.MASTER master page, the problem went away.

WTF !?


I’ve spoken with a few Microsoft ppl – and some internal “Masters” (MCM) at my company – and we’re all a little bewildered by this behaviour.

I’ll need to look into it some more – and see which tags in the Master Page have caused this problem…

Anyone else noticed this problem ??     (or have an answer WHY !?)

** Will update soon – if/when I find an answer.



From some trial+error, and plenty of WinDiff, and cut/copy/paste markup within SharePoint Designer, I finally determined the error.

There is a “DelegateControl” that is used in the OSLO master page, but not within SEATTLE.   

When I remove this, then all is OK.   

Add it back again, and the error returns.

<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat=”server” ControlId=”PageHeader” AllowMultipleControls=”false” />

The next question is – what does this delegate do ?    And, does it happen with SP2013 ‘on-premises’ also ??      More to investigate….

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