Cannot select variables in Nintex Workflow (SP2010)

Have been looking into a strange occurrence, in which some variables can’t be chosen.   

The activity we’ve been trying is the FLEXI TASK and TO-DO TASK.

I’ve created a new Workflow – and added an activity :


Choose to configure the activity :


Where are the VARIABLES ??


I have a TEXT and a PERSON variable – see below :


BUT – these don’t show in the field chooser – WHY !!??

The problem :

I’m using Internet Explorer 11 – on Windows 8.1 – and the same happens on IE10.  

This doesn’t happen on IE9 though – so it’s a BROWSER issue !!

The other clue is that there are no save/cancel buttons :


The solution :

Firstly, SAVE the workflow – as the browser will need to reload the page.

Within IE11, you need to change the ‘compatibility’ setting.


Make sure to add the current URL (in my case : dev.local)


Click “Close” – and the browser will refresh.

The test

After re-loading the workflow – and checking the activity, it now works !


If you get this problem – or any JavaScript errors while working on a Nintex Workflow 2010 environment, check the ‘compatibility’ settings.


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