Cannot click ‘connect’ for Azure VM

In order to try out the new AZURE portal site (, as well as Windows 10, I’ve created myself a VM – entitled “Wookie10”.

Within the portal though, I’m unable to “connect” to the VM – the button is disabled !?


It turns out that the provisioning of a VM within Azure (for a Windows ‘client’ machine – not Windows Server) does not add the Endpoints to allow for this.

The steps to resolve this are :

(1) Click on the VM you’re using – click SETTINGS

(2) Choose ENDPOINTS

(3) Click [+ ADD]


(3) Enter the following :

** Make sure to keep the PRIVATE PORT = 3389


NB. Just choose a random port :


(4) Click OK – and wait a few moments – check your “Notifications”


You might need to close the ‘blades’ – and then re-select it.

If you’ve done it correctly, you should be able to do REMOTE DESKTOP :


This will save an RDP file – and you’ll be able to connect….

Thanks Azure !


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